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Resources i use on a daily basis

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lg display

LG - 24UD58 (Black)

This is my main display which have great specifications and amazing colors. This is 4K Ultra HD Display.

Dell G-3 Laptop

Dell Gaming-G3 3590

This is my Laptop and only this i have, i attached my LG display in it and work as amazing as you guys know.

Dell Display

Dell 23.8 inch (60.4 cm)

This is my old display which have great specifications and amazing colors. I am using LG for now because i want 4K HD Display.

One by Wacom

One by WACOM (8.5' x 5.3')

I have recently purchase this cheap One by Wacom pen tab, it helps me a lot to make Illustration in Adobe Illustrator.



This is my mic, When i create videos for my YouTube Channel, i use this mic to recording my audio which is very crisp & clear.


Tripod Stand

I have not a camera or something so i don't think to purchase a very high cost tripod, so i use this for my mobile Phone.

harddisk case

External Portable Case

This is the case which helot me to save my HDD data, This is the external portable hard disk case, with transparent look.


External HDD Case

This case helps to protect my HDD/SSD and also my Pen Drive & Cables. That have a lot of space.

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