How to create a Capsule in Photoshop in 5 Minutes.

In this Photoshop tutorial, you will learn how to make a How to make Capsule in Photoshop in very easy steps.

Adobe Photoshop is a great tool to make these type of things & you also can use Adobe Illustrator to make this for more easy steps. These are very nice tools for every designer if he is Newbie or Professional.

How to make Capsule in Photoshop?

This is how to use the tools and make a capsule using Photoshop.

Getting Started with Capsule in Photoshop

In general we always start to create any design on a canvas, we would create a canvas with the size of 1920 x 1080 px in photoshop.

Setting up your Photoshop Document

Go to File > New.

Enter a width of 1920 pixels and a height of 1080 pixels per Inch.

This is the high resolution size to make a any design.

How to make Capsule

This will create a canvas like we generally work as in Photoshop.

Now we will go to the Menu Bar> View > Rulers (Ctrl+R).

Make rulers as per the images (center of the canvas Horizontally & Vertically)

Then Make a rectangle and make it 100% round also remove border line of that rectangle.

How to make Capsule

Blending Options

Then go to Layer and double click on it, you will see layer options Popup window.

How to make Capsule

First of all go to the Gradient Overlay and follow the changes like, Change the Opacity into 100% to 60% or 50% accordingly. Go to Gradient then click the Basic: Black & White Gradient, Click on the white color panel & Decrease the Opacity 100% to 50%.

How to make Capsule

Now click to the Inner Glow and do the same settings which i present in the images like:

Blend Mode: Normal
Opacity: 40%
Color: White
Choke: 10%
Size: 35%

How to make Capsule

Now click to stroke and here also do the same settings which i use presented in the attached image like:

Click to stroke
Size: 5
Position: Outside
Blend Mode: Normal
Opacity: 100

How to make Capsule

You will see this result:

How to make Capsule

Highlight & Text

Now type CAPSULE in any bold text like mine.
Then do Ctrl+T to Transform go to Warp and then go to Bulge and then bend it 10% only you will see the result like this:

How to make Capsule

Now make a new layer of rectangle make it half of your capsule & then again go to layer options, use gradient again and make Black to 50% and White to 100%. You will see the result like:

How to make Capsule

Final Touch

First of all Hide your Background Layer (White) and then select all layers then Type: Ctrl+ Alt+ E . You will see a new layer.
Now make Convert it into two layers 50 x 50 like this:

How to make Capsule

Then click layer 2 and make it transform go to height and put it 99% and then make a little selection between both of layers. Then you will see the result like this:

How to make Capsule

Shadow reflection & Colorize

After this you will make a shadow reflection & make it colorize to fill the colors into it, see the video carefully to know how to make reflection or wait for my video about reflection.
Go the adjustment layer (Hue & Saturation) then make it colorize & choose which color you want to put into your Capsule.

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